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How to Handle nerves - and getting a bit more confidence!

Nerves are normal. But that doesn't mean you need to suffer them | taught by Simon Raybould
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Simon Raybould
Simon Raybould

About the Instructor

I started my working life as a university researcher - but only my mother calls me Dr Raybould. Then I spent over 24 years there, looking at everything from the causes of childhood cancer all the way to patterns of divorce! With 100+ research publications to my name, what this means is this: everything you're going to get is absolutely based on hardcore research. It's not just opinion - it's not just personal experience. What you get is stuff that works in general, not just for the trainer! :) Experience is great, but science is greater. (I know that's bad grammar, sorry! ;) )

I've also worked as an actor, playwright, lighting designer for dance companies, trainer and author. What that means for you is that what you get isn't just boring science. I've also been a professional speaker for nearly ten years now. In other words, I've been at the hard edge of it. I now what it feels like when people don't like your presentation as well as what it feels like to get an ovation. The research I did is all about real world presentations work though - not about being a professional speaker.

My latest book (called Presentation Genius, of course!) was published in 2015 and immediately shot into the top ten for business best-sellers!

Oh, and I'm a reasonably good fire eater, too...

The course is self-contained, but if you need to drop me a line, go for it! :) I'll do my absolute best to get back to you all:

That's also the address if you want to book some live training, too, or to invite me to speak at your conference...

Who's this online course for?

Confidence Training Welcome from Simon Raybould on Vimeo.

You – if you need to be able to handle your nerves better... it might be for big events, or it might be for your everyday life, but being confident and handling nerves is key to being more happy and more successful.

Like the Presentation Genius book, the online course is simple and clear but not soft and fluffy. The recommendations and techniques are backed up by nearly 400 pieces of academic research.

What you get is real, solid, practical advice, backed up by proper science.

This course will cure your nerves? Big claim!

I can't absolutely promise that they'll completely cure your nerves ...especially because I once fell off the podium in fear....

What I can promise you, however, is that they work.

Why learn nerve tools online?

If you can't get to our face-to-face training sessions, online learning is the next best thing. You'll benefit from:

  • No travel time or expenses
  • Freedom to learn at your own pace
  • Affordability to fit your budget
  • Comfort of studying in your own home or office
  • Ability to access the course anywhere in the world from any internet-enabled device – Mac, PC or tablet

What you'll learn

  1. Short term tools
    You'll find loads of tried-and-tested tools, tips and tricks you can depend on. Some are physiological and some are psychological. These techniques really help you to perform under pressure – I picked some up from dancers and actors, and discovered others via the people who train Olympic athletes.
  2. Long term tools
    Short term tools are fantastic, but they don't "cure" the problem - just help you deal with it. That means I've taken time to include some tools for helping reduce how much nerves you suffer from in the first place. Cool, eh?

Where did I get the data?

Did I mention I used to be a research scientist? I spent over 24 years working at the UK's largest social science research centre. At the time I worked there, it was the second most influential such research centre in the world.

What that means is that I know how to research. So I did. I researched the proper, scientific tools for controlling nerves. I also spoke to people who absolutely need to control their nerves to do their jobs - people who work in unbelievably high-pressure situations...

  • Oymipic level athletes
  • Professional dancers and actors
  • Full time public speakers
  • Surgeons

What's more, of course, I used these tools myself as I moved from someone who literally fell of the back of the podium in fear to someone who's now a professional speaker.

How does the course work?

You'll learn through a mixture of video, audio and written word, backed up by email support.

You won't take everything in if you try to do it all in one go, so we recommend you spread the learning over a couple of weeks. I've put the course in a sensible order, with tools building on each other but, of course, you are welcome to ignore all that and jump around the modules if you prefer.

What's included?

There's a bundle of video for you, lots of audio work and plenty of reading material to explain things. While you're working through the material, you are welcome to ask any questions that arise, and I'll be happy to help. Just email

For completely personalised training, you'll have to attend a live course or book private mentoring with me.

What's NOT included?

You'll get a lot of technical advice, but this course is not presentations training. It's part of a bundle of training packages that builds to a full training program.

But you're the Presentation Genius...

Well yes. That's what I'm famous for and that's what my last book was called.

And yes, I got interested in handling nerves because that's what clients ask me for more than almost anything else. But the tools in this course don't work just for presentations. The short term tools work for any high-pressure situation - and the long term term tools work for, well, life!

What happens next?

Scroll up to the top or down to the bottom of the page and click the Free trial or Buy now button. I'll see you on the other side.

No-risk guarantee

Genius level is not guaranteed, but if you're not happy with the online course just let us know in the first two weeks and we'll give your money back. We'll also leave you access to the site. Because we're good like that ;)

About your trainer

I'm a trainer, professional speaker, and the author of Presentation Genius (top ten best-selling business book, published 2015).

Formerly, I was a university research scientist, looking at anything from the causes of childhood cancer to patterns of divorce. Over 24 years in this role I wrote over 100 research publications. What this means to you is that all the course content is based on hardcore research; not just opinion.

I've also worked as an actor, playwright, lighting designer – oh, and a fire-eater. Obviously.

From this brief biography, you will hopefully see that, as well as being informative, the course is great fun.

Free stuff

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Above everything else, enjoy! You can't learn what you don't like!

Course Contents

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